How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop Capturing the Features

In an era defined by the digital, How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop has become an indispensable skill. Whether you seek to immortalize a cherished memory, preserve vital information, or navigate the troubleshooting labyrinth, screen capture stands as a versatile and invaluable tool in your digital arsenal.

Inside the bounds of this article, we welcome you to leave on an excursion that demystifies the craft of taking screen captures on your Asus laptop. Here, we will unwind the bunch of highlights available to you and present them in a direct and open way. No matter your level of tech-savviness, by the end of this article, you will wield the power to capture your screen effortlessly.

Join us as we delve into the world of screenshot mastery and discover how to seize the digital universe, one frame at a time.

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop with Different Methods

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Why Screenshot? On Asus Laptop are Necessary

Taking screenshots is a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes:

Record Memorable Moments

Capture snapshots of your favorite videos, social media posts, or beautiful web images to relive those moments.

Save Important Information

Need to keep a record of crucial data, quotes, or receipts? Screenshots make it easy to store this information.

Troubleshooting and Tech Support

When you encounter technical issues or seek help from tech support, screenshots are invaluable in explaining problems.

Exploring Asus Screenshot Features

Asus laptops come equipped with several methods to capture screenshots. Let’s delve into these options.

Method 1: Using the “PrtScn” Button

The “PrtScn” (Print Screen) key is a fast and simple method for catching your whole screen. This is how it’s done:

Locate the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard.

Press “PrtScn” to take a screenshot of your entire screen.

The screenshot is copied to your clipboard.

Open a picture-altering program, such as Microsoft Paint, and press “Ctrl + V” to glue the screen capture.

Save the picture to your favored area.

Method 2: Snipping Tool

Asus laptops also feature the Snipping Tool for precise screen capture:

Search for “Snipping Tool” in the Windows search bar and open the application.

Click “New” to make another cut.

Drag your cursor to choose the region you need to catch.

The screen capture is consequently saved, and you can explain or save it depending on the situation.

Method 3: Snip & Sketch

how to take screenshot on asus laptop Snip & Sketch is a modern replacement for the Snipping Tool:

Search for “Snip & Sketch” in the Windows search bar and open the app.

Click “New” to take a screenshot.

Use the sketch and annotation tools to edit the screenshot.

Save or share the screenshot directly from the app.

Method 4: Windows + Shift + S

This keyboard shortcut is perfect for capturing specific portions of your screen:

Press “Windows + Shift + S.

The screen will diminish, and a crosshair cursor will show up.

Select the region you need to catch.

The screen capture is replicated to your clipboard and can be stuck into a picture-altering program.

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How to Screen Record on an Asus Laptop

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop

Why Screen Recording Matters

Screen recording holds significant importance due to its wide range of applications:

Content Creation: 

Screen recording is a fundamental tool for content creators, enabling them to produce video tutorials, demos, and educational content.


Gamers use screen recording to capture and share their gameplay highlights, walkthroughs, and epic moments with their audience.

Bug Reporting: 

Software developers and testers rely on screen recording to document and report software issues effectively.

Remote Work and Training: 

Screen recording is crucial for creating training materials, remote collaboration, and conducting virtual meetings.

Archiving Online Content: 

Users can record streaming videos, webinars, and other online content for offline viewing, ensuring they never miss out on valuable information.


Now, let’s dive into the methods for screen recording on your Asus laptop.

Method 1: Windows Game Bar

Windows Game Bar is a built-in feature for screen recording in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Open the Game Bar: 

Press “Windows + G” to open the Game Bar.

Start Recording: 

Click the “Record” button to begin recording your screen.

Stop Recording: 

Click the “Stop” button when you are done and need to finish.

Access Recordings: 

Your recorded videos are saved in the “Captures” folder within your Videos library.

Method 2: OBS Studio

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop OBS Studio is a free, open-source screen recording and streaming software suitable for various purposes:

Download and Introduce OBS Studio:

Visit the OBS Studio site, download the product, and adhere to the establishment directions.

Set Up Your Recording: 

Configure your recording settings, such as screen resolution and audio sources.

Start Recording: 

Click the “Start Recording” button to initiate the recording.

Stop Recording: 

When you’re done, click “Stop Recording.”

Access Recordings: 

OBS Studio allows you to choose where to save your recordings.

Method 3: Third-Party Screen Recording Software

Various third-party screen recording software options, such as Camtasia and Bandicam, offer advanced features and user-friendly interfaces. Here’s a general process for using such software:

Download and Introduce:

Download your preferred product, introduce it, and open the application.

Configure Settings: 

Adjust recording settings, such as video quality, audio sources, and screen capture area.

Start Recording: 

Click the “Record” button to begin recording your screen.

Stop Recording: 

Click “Stop” or a designated hotkey when you’re finished.

Access Recordings: 

Most software allows you to choose where to save your recordings.

Screen recording is a flexible device that opens up a universe of conceivable outcomes. Whether you’re a substance creator, a gamer, or a specialist hoping to convey and collaborate truly, ruling screen recording is a capacity that can raise your electronic experiences. It engages you to catch and share what’s on your screen, changing your PC into a solid sight and sound gadget.

How to Screenshot on a 60-keyboard

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop

Capturing a screenshot on a keyboard with a 60% layout 

Method 1: Using the “PrtScn” Key Combination:

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop Locate the “PrtScn” key on your 60% keyboard.

To capture the entire screen, press the “PrtScn” key. On some 60% keyboards, you might need to use a function (Fn) key in combination with “PrtScn.”

The screenshot is copied to your clipboard.

Open a picture-altering program (like Microsoft Paint) and press “Ctrl + V” to glue the screen capture.

Save the picture to your favored area.

Method 2: Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch (Windows)

If your 60% keyboard has Windows key support, you can use built-in screenshot tools:

Press the Windows key on your keyboard.

how to screenshot on asus laptop Type “Snipping Tool” or “Snip & Sketch” in the Windows search bar and open the corresponding application.

Utilize these instruments to catch a particular region of your screen, and the screen capture will be saved or duplicated to your clipboard.

Method 3: Outsider Programming

You can also use third-party screenshot software that allows you to define custom keyboard shortcuts for screen capture. Examples include Greenshot, LightShot, and ShareX. After installing the software, set up a hotkey that works with your 60% keyboard layout.

Remember that the specific key combinations for taking screenshots on a 60% keyboard may vary based on the keyboard’s design and any key remappings or customizations you’ve configured. It’s a good idea to check your keyboard’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website for any specific instructions related to the “PrtScn” key or other screen capture methods.

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop the specific purpose and holds importance in various contexts

Documentation and Record-Keeping:

Screenshots are invaluable for maintaining a visual record of important information. They can be used to save receipts, documents, emails, or any content that might be needed for future reference or as proof of past interactions.

Communication and Collaboration:

Screenshots are a powerful means of visual communication. They can help convey a complex idea, provide visual context in a discussion, or illustrate a point in a presentation.

Troubleshooting and Tech Support:

When you encounter technical issues or need assistance, sharing screenshots can help tech support or online communities better understand your problem. This can lead to quicker and more accurate solutions.

Training and Education:

Educators and trainers use screenshots to create instructional materials. These materials can be used for e-learning courses, tutorials, and step-by-step guides, enhancing the learning experience.

Website or App Development:

Screenshots are essential for developers and designers to document the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of websites or applications. They serve as references for improvements and debugging.

Content Creation:

Content creators, including bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers, use screenshots to capture online content, highlight specific points, or create compelling visuals for their audience.

Screenshots can serve as legal evidence in certain situations, such as documenting online harassment, cyberbullying, or any form of online misconduct.

Comparative Analysis:

Businesses and individuals use screenshots to compare and contrast different versions of a website, app, or document. How to Take a Screenshot on Asus Laptop This can be vital in making decisions and improvements.

Creative Inspiration:

Artists and designers often take screenshots as a source of inspiration. They can capture interesting color palettes, textures, or design elements to incorporate into their creative work.

Memories and Personal Archives:

Individuals use screenshots to preserve personal memories, like text messages, social media posts, or travel experiences. It allows them to create digital scrapbooks or journals.

They assume a critical part in different parts of present-day life by working with the most common way of catching, saving, and sharing data. This, thus, prompts more viable correspondence, critical thinking, and inventive undertakings across various businesses and fields. Whether it’s for work, training, investigating, or individual use, screen catches have turned into an imperative asset for some individuals.


Mastering the art of taking screenshots on your Asus laptop opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re preserving memories, saving vital information, or solving technical problems, it’s a skill that can enhance your computing experience.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a screenshot, remember these simple methods and make the most of your Asus laptop’s features. Capture your world, one screenshot at a time!


What is the Prtsc key?

The PrtSc (Print Screen) key is a keyboard key that captures your computer screen, allowing you to save or paste the screenshot

How do you screenshot on an Asus Chrome laptop?

On an Asus Chrome PC, catch a screen capture by squeezing the “Ctrl” + “Show Windows” key (regularly, it’s the fourth key in the top line).

What are 3 ways to take a screenshot on a PC?

Three familiar ways of taking a screen capture on a PC are

Utilizing the PrtSc (Print Screen) Key: Press the PrtSc key to catch the whole screen or Alt + PrtSc to catch the dynamic window.

Cutting Apparatus (Windows 7 and 8): Utilize the Clipping Instrument program to catch a custom region of the screen. Open the Clipping Instrument, click “New,” and select the region you need to catch.

Cut and Sketch (Windows 10 and fresher renditions): Utilize the Clip and Sketch application to take screen captures and comment on them. Open the application, click “New,” and select the region you need to catch.

How do I use my PrtSc key?

To use the PrtSc (Print Screen) key, press it to capture the entire screen.


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