How to Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing Easy Ways

Are you facing the frustrating dilemma of how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing? It’s an all-too-considered regular issue that can disturb your work or diversion.

Fortunately, you can attempt Do-It-Yourself strategies to fix that broken screen without requiring a costly substitution. In this aide, we’ll walk you through the simple, bit-by-bit answers for reestablishing your laptop screen to its previous brilliance, all while watching out for your spending plan. 

Whether you’re an educated fan or a total beginner, these functional tips will assist you with rapidly resolving the issue. Thus, let’s plunge and make your laptop screen look great!

Step-by-step solutions to restore your laptop screen to its former glory

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How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Before You Begin

Before jumping into the maintenance interaction, avoiding potential risk is fundamental:

Wellbeing First:

Guarantee your laptop is controlled and turned off before beginning any fixes.

Assemble Your Apparatuses: You’ll require fundamental instruments like a little screwdriver, a plastic spudger, a guitar pick, and a microfiber fabric.

Assess the extent of the crack and determine if it’s manageable alone.

how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing

Now, let’s explore the easy methods to fix your cracked laptop screen

1. How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Screen Protector or Tape:

If the crack is minor, consider applying a clear screen protector or robust, transparent tape to hold the screen together. This won’t make the damage disappear, but it can prevent it from spreading and make the screen usable.

2. LCD Screen Repair Kits:

There are affordable LCD screen repair kits available online. These kits typically include replacement parts and step-by-step instructions. This could be a viable option if you’re comfortable with some DIY how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing?

3. Professional Repair Services:

If you need more confidence in fixing the screen yourself, or if the crack is severe, it’s best to seek professional help. A trained technician can replace the cracked screen with a new one.

4. External Monitor Connection:

Assuming the laptop screen is destroyed, you can utilise your laptop by associating it with an outer screen or television. This permits you to keep working or watching content while avoiding the expense of a screen substitution.

5. Prevent Future Damage:

Investing in a laptop case or screen protector is recommended to avoid damaging your laptop. To prevent scratches on your device, implementing this solution will significantly help. Cracks or any other kind of physical damage. Being mindful of how you handle your laptop can also go a long way in preventing crashes.

Laptop screen cracked by itself

1. Understanding the Mystery: Laptop Screen Cracked by Itself

Have you ever encountered a perplexing situation where your laptop screen seemed to crack all by itself? It’s a confounding issue that many laptop users have faced. In this section, we’ll delve into the possible reasons behind this phenomenon and shed light on the factors contributing to such unexpected cracks.

2. Causes of Spontaneous Laptop Screen Cracks

While it may appear that your laptop screen cracked autonomously, underlying causes are at play. We’ll explore the primary factors that can lead to these seemingly spontaneous cracks, including thermal expansion due to overheating and the role of internal stress. How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing? Preventing future screen damage.

3. Preventing and Addressing Self-Cracking Laptop Screens

This section will provide practical tips on preventing your laptop screen from cracking. You’ll learn to safeguard your laptop’s screen, from proper ventilation and handling to protective measures. Additionally, we’ll offer guidance on what to do if you’ve already encountered this issue and how to address it effectively, whether through DIY repair or professional assistance.

Laptop screen damage types

1.How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Physical Impact Damage:

One of the most widely recognised sorts of laptop screen harm happens when the screen is genuinely influenced. This can occur because of dropping the laptop, knocking it against a hard surface, or different types of injury. Impact damage often leads to visible cracks, shattered glass, or distorted displays.

2. Screen Scratches:

Scratches on the laptop screen can occur for various reasons, such as contact with sharp objects or improper cleaning methods. While they may not affect functionality, they can distract and impact viewing quality.

3. Dead Pixels:

Dead pixels are tiny, unresponsive areas on the screen that displays as black or discolored dots. They can develop over time, typically caused by manufacturing defects or age-related screen deterioration.

4.How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Liquid Damage

Spilling liquids on a laptop can lead to significant screen damage. Fluid can saturate the screen, causing discolouration, gleaming, or in any event, making the screen unusable. Quick activity is essential to limit the effect of fluid harm.

5. Backlight Issues:

Problems with the backlight, such as how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing flickering, uneven lighting, or complete failure, can result in a damaged display. Backlight issues can be caused by component failure or loose connections.

Occasionally, laptop screens may exhibit issues that are software-related. These can include distorted graphics, frozen screens, or display driver problems. While not physical damage, they can affect screen functionality.

7. Burn-In and Image Retention:

Burn-in happens when a single image remains static for an extended period on the screen, which can cause permanent damage to the display. Extended periods cause a faint “ghost” image even after the content changes. This can happen with certain display technologies, like OLED screens.

8. How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Overheating Damage:

Continuous exposure to elevated temperatures can cause several adverse effects. Adverse effects on health. Screen damage. Overheating can cause the LCD or LED panels to degrade, resulting in display issues such as color distortion, lines, or dark spots.

Damage to the laptop’s hinges or hinge assembly can indirectly affect the screen. A loose or broken hinge can pressure the screen, leading to cracks or distortion over time.

10. Aging and Wear: 

All laptop screens may experience wear and aging over time. This can reduce brightness, color accuracy, and overall screen quality. Regular maintenance and careful use can prolong the lifespan of your laptop screen.

Understanding these different types of laptop screen damage can help you identify the issue you’re facing and determine the appropriate steps for repair or prevention.

How to fix internally cracked laptop screen

If you’re experienced with electronics and comfortable with taking apart your laptop, you can attempt the following steps at your own risk. Please note that the following information. How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing this text serves as a broad guide, and the specific process may vary based on certain circumstances. Your laptop’s make and model:

How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Significant Note: 

Tread carefully, and know that endeavouring to fix your laptop screen alone may void any current guarantees. Counselling an expert technician is ideal if you want more trust in your abilities.

Apparatuses You Might Need

Small screwdrivers (Phillips and flathead)

Plastic spudger or guitar pick

Replacement screen matching your laptop’s make and model

Anti-static wrist strap (recommended to prevent electrostatic discharge)

Steps to Fix an Internally Cracked Laptop Screen

Prepare Your Workspace:

Track down a perfectly bright work area with adequate space to dismantle your laptop. Guarantee you have every one of the vital instruments and parts prepared.

Power Off and Disconnect:

Power off your laptop and turn off it from any power source. Eliminate the laptop’s battery if conceivable. 

Remove the Bezel:

Carefully pry off the plastic bezel around the screen. This may require using a plastic spudger or a guitar pick. Be gentle to avoid damaging the bezel or the net.

How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Disconnect the Screen:

Locate the cable that connects the screen to the laptop’s motherboard. Carefully disconnect it.

Remove the Damaged Screen:

Unscrew and remove the damaged screen from the laptop’s lid. Be sure to keep track of the screws and their positions.

Install the New Screen:

Place the replacement screen into the laptop’s lid and secure it using the screws. Reconnect the screen cable to the motherboard.

Reassemble the Laptop:

how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Carefully reattach the plastic bezel, making sure it snaps into place securely. Double-check that all screws are tightened.

Power On and Test:

Power on your laptop and check if the new screen displays correctly. Ensure there are no flickering, dead pixels, or other issues.

How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Adjust Display Settings:

If necessary, adjust the display settings in your laptop’s operating system to match the new screen’s specifications.

Final Checks:

After ensuring the screen functions appropriately, reattach the laptop’s battery and close the lid.

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how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing
screen cracked

How to fix laptop screen lines

1. Restart Your Laptop:

Sometimes, screen issues can be temporary glitches. Start by restarting your laptop to see if the lines disappear.

2. Check for Loose Cables:

Ensure the cable connecting your laptop’s screen to the motherboard is securely plugged in. If it’s loose, reattach it carefully.

3. Update Graphics Drivers:

Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers can cause screen problems. Go to the manufacturer’s website or use Windows. You want to download and introduce an update. It’s fundamental to guarantee that your laptop has introduced the furthest down-the-line updates to save your framework from moving along as planned with design drivers for your laptop.

4.How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing  Boot in Safe Mode:

Boot your laptop in Protected Mode (generally by squeezing F8 or Shift + F8 during startup) to check whether the lines show up. On the off chance that they don’t, it very well might be a product-related issue.

5. Test with External Monitor:

You can associate your laptop with an outer screen to grow your screen land. This will permit you to expand your efficiency and serenely perform multiple tasks between various applications. Expand your screen display. This will allow you to work or watch your content on a larger screen. Determine if the lines appear on the external display. The issue may be with your laptop’s screen if they don’t. how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing

6. Show Investigator:

Open the Control Board on Windows, go to “Investigating,” and run the “Show” investigator to analyze and possibly fix screen issues.

7. How to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing Check for Physical Damage:

Inspect your laptop’s screen for physical damage, like cracks or impact marks. You may need to replace the screen if the lines result from physical damage.

8. Reinstall or Refresh the Operating System:

If software issues are causing the lines and other troubleshooting steps haven’t worked, you may need to reinstall or refresh your laptop’s operating system. Back up your data before doing this.

9. Contact a Professional Technician:

Suppose the lines persist, and none of the above steps resolves the issue. In that case, contacting a professional laptop technician or the manufacturer’s customer support is advisable for further diagnosis and repair.


How can I fix my cracked laptop screen at home?

Fixing a cracked laptop screen at home is challenging and risky. It’s best to seek professional repair services for a safe and effective solution.

Is laptop LCD screen repairable?

Yes, laptop LCD screens are repairable, but the extent of repairability depends on the severity of the damage. Minor issues like dead pixels or backlight problems can often be repaired, while severe physical damage may require screen replacement.

How do you fix a cracked screen naturally?

A cracked screen on electronic devices like smartphones or tablets cannot be fixed “naturally.” Repairing a broken screen typically requires professional assistance or screen replacement. Attempting DIY fixes may worsen the damage, so it’s advisable to consult a technician or consider replacement options if needed.


 A cracked laptop screen doesn’t have to spell disaster. By following these easy steps and taking precautions, you can salvage your laptop display without breaking the bank. If you are unsure and still determining something, it is always best to seek advice from a professional to ensure accuracy and avoid any mistakes and a proper fix.

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