How To Connect PS5 To Laptop With HDMI Some Tricky Ways

You might be surprised why a person might want to know how to connect PS5 to Laptop with HDMI ? Well, it is all about increasing your gaming horizons, my buddy. 

So, here is a sneak peek of what we will be doing – turning your laptop into a gaming display for your PS5.

Checking Compatibility How To Connect PS5 To Laptop With HDMI?

Now, let’s start with the best tech blogs in USA. Before diving in, ensure your laptop isn’t missing the HDMI party. It should have an HDMI port. If not, you might need an adapter. B. Also, check the HDMI version of both your PS5 and laptop. We want them to speak the same language.

Gathering the Necessary Equipment

  1. You’ll need your trusty PS5, your laptop, and an HDMI cable. I can only go far with those. 
  2. Consider an external monitor or a capture card if you want to go big. But those are optional luxuries.

Preparing the PS5

  1. First things first, turn off your PS5. We don’t want any sparks flying. 
  2. Now, find that HDMI port on your PS5. It’s like searching for hidden treasure but with fewer pirates.

Preparing the Laptop

  1. Your laptop needs to take a little nap, too. Power it off.
  2. Hunt down your laptop’s HDMI port. It’s probably hiding on the side like a secret agent.

Connecting the HDMI Cable

  1. Grab that HDMI cable and plug one end into your PS5. It’s like connecting Lego pieces – it only goes in one way.
  2. Now, the other end goes into your laptop. Push it in snugly, and don’t be shy. C. Make sure those connections are locked and loaded. We don’t want any dropouts during your gaming session.

Powering On

  1. Fire up your PS5. Press that power button like you’re launching a rocket.
  2. While your PS5 is revving up, boot up your laptop. Give it some moments to wake from its slumber.
how to connect PS5 to Laptop with hdmi
connect PS5 to Laptop with hdmi

Configuring Display Settings How To Connect Ps5 To Laptop With HDMI ?

  1. Head on your laptop.If you want to modify the show settings on your computer, observe those steps. To modify your show settings, you could quickly achieve this using proper-clicking on the screen.

 Select your desktop and select “Display Settings” from the options.’ from the menu.’ 

  1. Now, you can choose how to use your laptop screen – extended for a dual-screen setup or duplicate for a clone effect.

Testing the Connection

  1. Here’s the exciting part – check if your laptop recognises the PS5. If it does, you’re on the right track.
  2. Test the audio and video. Load up a recreation and spot if the whole lot seems and sounds as it should.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Sometimes, things go differently than planned. Check out our troubleshooting tips if you’re stuck with ‘No Signal’ or audio woes.
  2. For more complex issues, there are plenty of online resources and forums with helpful folks ready to assist.

You were given it there, connecting your PS5 to your laptop through HDMI like a pro. Now, it is time to dive into your gaming global and experience the movement on a bigger display screen.If Your can you bring a laptop into Yankee Stadium? then You May Check the Previous Blog.

How to connect PS5 to laptop screen

Connecting your PS5 to a laptop display screen can be a game-changer (pun supposed). How To Connect PS5 to Laptop With HDMI? Let’s stroll through the steps to make it manifest:

Check Compatibility:

Ensure your laptop has an HDMI port. Most laptops have one, but it’s good to double-check.

Verify the HDMI version on both your PS5 and laptop. It’s best if they match.

Gather the Necessary Equipment:

You’ll need your PS5, laptop, and an HDMI cable. Consider purchasing an HDMI to USB-C or HDMI to DisplayPort adapter if your laptop lacks one.

Prepare Your PS5:

Turn off your PS5. Press and hold the power button until you hear a subsequent blare, and it switches off. 

Locate the HDMI port on your PS5. It’s usually at the back of the console.

Prepare Your Laptop:

Power down your laptop. Save any work you’re doing.

Identify your laptop’s HDMI port. It’s often on the sides or back of the laptop.

Connect the HDMI Cable:

Grab your HDMI cable and plug one quit into your PS5’s HDMI out port.

Connect the opposite quit in your laptop’s HDMI port or adapter.

Make sure the connections are secure.

Power On:

Turn on your PS5. You can do this by squeezing the power button.

Boot up your laptop. Give it a moment to recognise the PS5.

 How To Connect PS5 to Laptop With HDMI? Configure Display Settings:

On your laptop, right-click on the computer and pick out out ‘Display Settings.’

You have the choice to each make bigger your display or reproduction it.  Let me understand which one you would like to do. Depending on your choice.

Test the Connection:

Check if your laptop recognises the PS5 as a second display. Your PS5 screen should appear on your laptop.

Kindly ensure that both the audio and video components are working correctly. Please test for any errors or troubles that can affect the niceness of the content. The parts are functioning correctly.

Adjust Resolution (Optional):

If the screen doesn’t look right, you can adjust the resolution settings on your laptop until it fits perfectly.

And it is it! You’ve efficaciously linked your PS5 to your laptop display screen. You can now enjoy your favourite games—a larger display. If Your  how to copy and paste on a Dell laptop then You May Check the Previous Blog.

how to connect PS5 to Laptop with hdmi

How to connect PS5 controller to laptop

In the cutting-edge gaming world, versatility is key. You don’t need to restrict yourself to your PlayStation 5’s display. Did you connect your PS5 controller to your laptop and enjoy your preferred video games on a new level? And how to connect PS5 to Laptop with HDMI ?  This manual will stroll you through the simple steps to make this appear.

Step 1: Ensure Compatibility

Before diving into the connection process, ensuring that your laptop supports Bluetooth is essential. Most modern laptops have this feature, but it’s worth double-checking in your device’s settings.

Step 2: Activate Bluetooth on Your Laptop

Access your laptop’s settings or control panel and activate the Bluetooth function. This step allows your laptop to discover and connect with other Bluetooth devices.

Step 3: Put Your PS5 Controller in Pairing Mode

Your PS5 controller should be in pairing mode to provoke the pairing method. Follow these easy steps:

  • Turn off the controller if it’s currently on.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the PS button (the iconic PlayStation logo button in the centre) and the Share button (located on the left side).
  • As you do this, the light on the back of your controller will begin flashing. This signifies that the controller is now in pairing mode, actively seeking a compatible device.

Step 4: Connect the Controller to Your Laptop

Navigate to your laptop’s Bluetooth settings to discover and pair available devices. Look for “Wireless Controller” in the list of available gadgets and pick it. Your laptop will then establish a connection with the controller.

Step 5: Confirm the Connection

Once the connection is successful, the light on your PS5 controller will stop flashing and remain solid. This indicates that the pairing is complete, and your laptop and controller are now synchronized.

Step 6: Test Your Controller

To ensure everything functions as expected, open a game or emulator on your laptop that supports controller input. You’ll find that your PS5 controller seamlessly integrates with your gaming experience.

Following these straightforward steps, you’ve successfully connected your PS5 controller to your laptop, unlocking a world of gaming possibilities. If Your how to screenshots on Gateway laptop then You May Check the Previous Blog.

PS5 remote play laptop

Using PS5 Remote Play on your laptop helps you circulate and play PS5 video games on your laptop display screen. It’s brilliant to enjoy your PlayStation Five video games even if you’re a long way out of your console. 

1. Ensure Compatibility:

Make sure your laptop meets the system requirements for PS5 Remote Play. You can find these requirements on the official PlayStation website.

2. Update Your PS5:

Ensure your PS5 is updated to the latest system software version. This ensures Compatibility with Remote Play.

3. Enable Remote Play on Your PS5:

On your PS5, go to “Settings” > “System” > “Remote Play.”

Enable Remote Play and note the Remote Play code displayed on the screen.

Download the Remote Play App:

On your laptop, go to the official PlayStation Remote Play website.

Download the Remote Play app for your laptop’s operating system (Windows or macOS).

Install and Launch the Remote Play App:

Install the app for your laptop and launch it.

Sign in collectively together with your PlayStation Network (PSN) account at the same time as prompted.

Connect Your Laptop to Your PS5:

In the Remote Play app on your laptop, enter the Remote Play code from your PS5.

The app will establish a connection to your PS5.

Start Playing:

Once connected, you’ll see your PS5’s screen on your laptop.

You can now use your laptop as a remote screen to play PS5 games.

how to connect PS5 to Laptop with hdmi

Configure Settings (Optional):

In the Remote Play app, you may modify the decision, body rate, and controller settings to optimize your gaming experience.

Connect a Controller (Optional):

To enhance your gaming experience, connect a DualSense controller or a compatible DualShock 4 controller to your laptop via USB or Bluetooth.

Enjoy Gaming Anywhere:

With Remote Play, you can now enjoy your PS5 games on your laptop screen, even when you’re not near your console.

You’re good to go to utilize PS5 Remote Play on your laptop. Whether traveling or wanting the flexibility to play on a different screen, Remote Play is a convenient feature that brings your PS5 gaming experience to your laptop.


As we navigated through this guide, we’ve peeled back the layers of the process, how to connect PS5 to Laptop with hdmi?  from the simple act of powering down your PS5 to the quest of locating your laptop’s elusive HDMI port. We even delved into the intricacies of display settings, offering you the freedom to extend your gaming universe or craft a mirrored experience for the true dual-screen sensation.

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